Innovative fraudsters

Account takeover, new account fraud, mule accounts, card testing & cycling, common points of compromise, remote application takeover, all need to be mitigated while ensuring a great customer experience

Ever increasing channels

Mobile apps, credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, phone banking, APIs, are expanding the threat vectors that banks are exposed to. Banks need tools to defend these new areas in a rapidly evolving technology environment.

Machine learning

Supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, reinforced learning & graph analytics offer a range of options that need to be constantly tested to find the best of breed. Algo Engines can help you leverage the best technologies to fight fraudsters.

Low latency & High throughput

Days to Hours to Minutes to Seconds to Milliseconds, the battle against fraudsters plays out in milliseconds while handling ever increasing transactions per second. Algo Engines offers solutions that scale with the growth in payment volumes.